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All KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE products are packaged appropriately according to their type in order to ensure their protection for a safe transport to their destination.

The packaging process for KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE panel products is automated.

For packaging, panels are taken to the palletizing unit where they are placed one above the other, with protective Styrofoam dividers positioned in between, and wrapped with special waterproof flexible packaging film.

At the base of each pallet, polystyrene boards with a thickness of 100 mm and a width of 250 to 400 mm are placed at distances of 1,300 to 1,500 mm.

The number of panels per pallet varies depending on panel thickness and length as well as transport conditions and placement at the destination site.

For the standard packaging, the maximum pallet dimensions are:

Height: 720 mm, Width: 1,100 mm, Length: 16,000 mm

Flashings are packaged in wooden pallets for safe and easy loading and transport.

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